Setting up a separate children’s Christmas table is a way to make them feel special when it comes to dining together with family and friends. The key to creating a successful children’s Christmas table is to ensure there are activities ready for the kids to busy themselves with. We’ve found some grear children’s Christmas table ideas that you can easily replicate for Christmas this year.


Despite it being quite warm in most parts of Australia on Christmas Day, why not replicate this table setting? A snowman place setting will have the kids talking. This really is a cute children’s Christmas table idea.


Set up lolly trees and a cone that can be decorated by the kids using icing and candy. Decorate each milk bottle as a snowman.

How fun does this table setting look? Create trees using jelly drops. Incorporate a polka dote theme with the party wear.

The Nutcracker is a traditional fellow, more typical in English Christmast settings. Why not place a Nutcracker in the middle of the childrens’ Christmas table. Instead of candy canes, why not gift each child with a red and white lollipop.


I love how Be a Fun Mum has created this simple table setting using brown paper, simple red and white party ware and newspaper Christmas Trees. The activities on this table include drawing, playing with a  train on a track around one of the trees and gluing pompoms to the trees to decorate.

Where do the kids sit during Christmas lunch? Do you set up a special table just for them? How will your decorate the children’s table?