When I was a child, one of my favourite parts of going to a birthday party (aside from having fun with my friends and eating cake!) was being able to take a party gift bag home with me.  The humble party bag is a tradition I”ve continued with my own children, and I have so much fun choosing items and putting these bags together.  Making your own Birthday Party Gift Bags is really easy and inexpensive.  All you need is a few items you can easily find from your local discount store.

To make your own Birthday Party Gift Bags, you will need:

4 sheets of textured cardboard in different colours

2 sheets of plain white paper

Plain Paper Bags which you can find from your local variety store

Black Marker


Glue Stick

A selection of treats and goodies to place inside the bags.

Let”s put it together!

1. To create the colourful personalised name tags for your Birthday Party Gift Bags,  cut the white paper into similar sized rectangles and write the name of each guest in the centre.

2. Then, cut larger rectangles from the coloured cardboard and glue the sheet of white paper with the party casino online guests name in the centre of the coloured cardboard.  Then all you need to do is stick the name tag onto the paper bag and allow the glue to dry.



3. Then it”s time to have some fun! Place the party treats and goodies inside each of the bags. Because your Birthday Party Gift Bags are personalised, you can ensure the contents are age appropriate if you have children of different ages attending your party.



That is all there is to it – how easy was that!



Did you love receiving Birthday Party Gift Bags when you were a child too?

What do you like to put in your guests Birthday Party Gift Bags?