Party favours are a tradition that say thank you to guests for coming to the party and bringing a gift. Over the years, the simple lolly bag has gone extreme with a mixture of toys and sugary sweets to opena candy shop.
If you’re looking for some sugar-free party favours, we’ve found 10 easy party favours that will have parents sighing with relief. (Of course if you love the sugary party favours, here are some ideas on what you can put together for guests.)


  1. Give each child their own lantern and a packet of stickers so they can personalize their own lantern.

2. Encourage the kids into the garden with their own planter vegetable set.

3. A Play-Doh bucket with two tubs of Play-doh and some cookie cutter shapes.

4. Personalised bracelets can make the perfect party favour for a little girl’s party.

5. Give the kids an art pack so they can paint their very own rainbow.

6. The kids will love taking these fairy terrariums home.

7. Make under the sea buckets which include a bucket and spade, bottle of bubbles, sifter and bath toy.

8. Sew these robots and ask the kids to adopt one as a party favour.

9. Use mason jars to put party favours in like pedicures or beauty products.

10. A torch is a practical and useful party favour for kids. You can decorate them with batman stickers, or attach glow sitcks and a personalized card.

What have you given as party favours to kids instead of a bag full of lollies?