If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add a feminine touch to a baby shower or high tea, why not use the humble doily? Doilies were once hailed as old fashioned but their vintage look and inexpensive appeal make them a great material to use when adding a rustic and romantic vibe to a celebration. Doilies can be purchased from craft shops in different sizes and lace patterns. We have found 10 ways to decorate with doilies to make your next celebration rustic and elegant.


Doilies can be folded over fishing line or string to create a simple bunting.

Cut part of the lace section of the doily away and use this to form a cupcake holder. You may be able to make 3 cupcake cups per doily.


Pretty up water bottles by wrapping a doily around the label and tying a pink ribbon to keep in place. Best to make sure the water is at room temperature to prevent the doilies getting wet from condensation.

These milk bottle drinks look sweet with a similar idea. Glue rose motifs to the middle of each doily for a feminine touch.

This idea would be great at a dinner party. Wrap the cutlery in a serviette and then layer a doily around and fasten together with string. A very simple yet stunning way of presenting cutlery.

Tin cans covered in hessian can be jazzed up with a doily. Fasten with string and add white flowers to the tin for a cohesive look.

These name cards are easy to whip up. Fold a doily over a brown name card and write the name on the middle space of the doily.


This simple party favour looks rustic and whimsical. Fasten each doily to the folded over top of a brown paper bag and fasten in place with a wooden peg.

Roll each doily into a cone shape and fill with easy food like popcorn or chips. If at a wedding, rose petals can be a stunning filler.

Last but not least, these doily trees would make a magical Christmas decoration. Using 3 different doilies, a wooden bead and skewer, make a few trees and create a forest by inserting them into a Styrofoam runner.


Have you ever decorated with doilies?