It’s easy to purchase party décor when you need it from local department stores and online. The choice is wide and varied and you could spend a small fortune on the decorating alone at your party. If you’re keen to save some dollars, and you have a limited budget, making your own decorations is an affordable way to create a stylish celebration. We have found 10 DIY garland decorating party ideas to help you make your gathering a stylish one. And the best part about these garlands is they can be used to decorate your children’s rooms for a whimsical look. You’re getting more bang for your bucks!


1. A paper net garland is the modern take on the simple crepe paper garland that was a popular Christmas craft activity at school. The full instructions on how to create this garland can be found here.

2. How effective does this honeycomb garland look? It really adds a fun touch behind the party table. This garland is constructed using tissue paper lanterns which can be purchased from a party store. Choose your colours and follow this tutorial to get a similar look.

3. Got some spare pool noodles lying around that aren’t being used this winter? Why not slice them up and string them up to create a garland.

4. How amazing do these fringe cut garlands look when grouped together? If you’re looking for a dynamic look at your next party, why not give these garlands a go?

5. If you have a large collection of mismatched patty cake liners, why not string them together to make a fun and colourful garland. You will need a lot of cupcake liners to create this garland, but it looks so sweet once completed.

6. These tissue paper tassel garlands are quite the popular decoration at parties these days. They can be bought pre-made, but if you have a specific colour scheme in mind, this pictorial shows you how to make one yourself.


Do you prefer to make your own party decorations or buy them? Which garland will you give a try at your next party?