Keeping to a budget when you are organizing a party is really important. A few pins here and a bulk buy of party wear and craft gear later, can add a big dent to your credit card. If you’re a family with birthdays in the same month or you have a large family where you’re celebrating a birthday every month, you may find these budget party ideas a real help. Parties don’t need to be themed or large in order for it to be a successful party. Some of my most favourite parties to organise and be part of have been the smaller scale parties. And funnily enough a relaxed host just adds an aura of calm in the party chaos that is often associated with organizing the big themed parties. Here are my ideas on how to have a party when money is tight.


1. Decide which birth years you will organise a party for your child. Every year may not be achieveable if you are on a tight budget – especially those early years when income is limited. Usually the first Birthday is a big celebration and holding another when your child is 3 or 4 as they understand what a party is all about. It doesn’t matter what you decide. Every year may be different depending on your financial circumstances. That’s ok too.

2. Limit the numbers invited to the party. The more guests, the more mouths to feed. Keeping the party exclusive means you will find it less expensive to cater.

3. Don’t have a theme. Choose a colour instead. Sometimes themes can add extra expense because you have to make certain foods to keep in with the theme.

4. Keep the food simple. Platters of fruit, cupcakes and fairy bread are fairly easy and inexpensive party food ideas. Plus kids LOVE them.

5. Forget the party favours. Instead, give each child something during the party that they can make or use that can double up as a party favour. For example pin wheel wands or bubbles are great idea.

6. Use what you’ve got. If you’ve had a few parties over the years, you probably have a cumulative collection of plates, cups and napkins. Alternatively buy melamine plates and cups that you can store and keep for each Birthday celebration. Not only will it save you money, it’s much better for the environment too.

7. A simple round cake with a topper can be easily baked without the need of spending hundreds of dollars on a themed cake. Check out our post here for some cake topper ideas.

8. Have the party at home or at a park. This saves hiring costs or fees associated with holding a party at a play or function centre.

What tips can you add? Do you keep to a budget when organizing a party?