Is there an etiquette for hosts to follow if they throw a party? I’m not sure, but I do know that a party can be heaps of fun or a flop if the host doesn’t get some of these basics right.


1. Be the one to meet guests at the door to greet them into the party. If the party isn’t for you, join the Birthday boy or girl and welcome each guest and try to learn each person’s name.


2. Offer to take handbags and coats from guests so they are not standing in your hallway looking for somewhere to dump their personal belongings.


3. Offer a drink – whether it be a cocktail or cold beverage to help guests relax into the party atmosphere.


4. Don’t hide away or make yourself busy prepping the food table. It’s ok to ask guests to help if needed.


5. Announce to the guests the sequence of the party so they know what will be happening. This is crucial for kids parties as they want to know when the games are on and when they can eat the cake.


6. Let the guest of honour decide when they will open their gifts. For adult parties, they may choose to open after the guests have left, but for children, it’s nice for the guests to see the surprise on the guest of honours face when they open their present.


7. Don’t put anyone on the spot to say grace or make a speech. Offer a card or book that guests can record special memories in. If you’re keen to have speeches, give family and friends notice before the party that you’d like them to make a speech.


8. Be present when saying goodbye to the guests. Don’t busy yourself cleaning up the mess. Although this can be a good way to tell guests the party is over.



What tips can you offer on how to be a great host?