A cocktail party is a fun way to celebrate at night during spring and summer. These cocktail party ideas will ensure the hostess doesn’t get stuck behind the bar or in the kitchen keeping the cocktails flowing. All the preparation is done before the guests arrive to ensure everyone has a great time.


To ensure the host isn’t kept in the kitchen all night, why not consider getting outside help to put on the cocktail party for you? How fabulous is this idea, a Cocktail Van, run by The Cocktail Car Company in London. Just set them up outside and they can do the mixing and shaking for you.

Decorate the outdoors with Birds of Paradise and Palm fronds for a tropical feel. Decorate lanterns with pineapples and apples.

Set up a deli buffet offering an array of cheeses, olives and grapes. The perfect accompaniment to a cocktail or two.

Not everyone enjoys cocktails, so offering some champagne or wine gives guests an alternative to drink.

I love this Tiki Bar Caddy Idea – giving guests the freedom to flavor and decorate their cocktails themselves.

Crostini’s are an easy appetizer to serve with cocktails. This selection compiled by Honestly Yum used ricotta cheese as the base.


Platters of figs, asparagus, chargrilled eggplant and peppers look delicious when displayed on wooden boards. Set up throw cushions and picnic rugs on the floor outside so everyone can relax in style.

Set up cocktails in pitchers so guests can serve themselves. The Cookie Rookie has a tutorial on how to make a Strawberry Margarita.

For another easy recipe, Rachel Ray Mag has this Pineapple and Lime Cocktail Recipe.

Watermelon, mint and lime make a refreshing drink for summer. Check out the full recipe on Rachel Ray Mag.


What is your favourite cocktail? Got an easy recipe to share with our readers?