Our homes are styled in a way for the family to relax and hide away from the world. It’s rare when you have a family that you will host a dinner party on a whim without proper organization because kids and food and styling. But what if you did take a chance and invite another family over for a dinner party? At the last minute. Would you be able to get your home ready in time for your guests? Here are 5 quick ways to get your house party-ready.

1. Set up a designated drinking station. Whether you own a drink cart or set up a tray with a jug, cups and straws so your guests can help themselves. Creating a drink station means one less thing to dish out during your dinner party.

2. DIY Centrepiece. You might not be able to create a lemon pyramid for the center of your table, but you may be able to ruffle some leafy branches from the garden and some flowers to make your own floral centrepiece arrangement.

3. Use a laundry basket to remove any clutter in the living room and dining table. Get the kids to help you put away toys and books. Anything left behind can be placed in the laundry basket and put out of sight.

4. Dim the lights. Or turn on candles and lamps. This does two things. It changes the mood of the room and hides dirty floors. If you don’t have lamps, why not take the party outside and use fairy lights to add a magical party atmosphere to your outdoor area.


5. Play some music. Music calms the farm and will balance your emotions as you ask yourself WTF you’re doing inviting a family over at the last minute for a dinner party.


Once the house is ready for your guests, it’s time to pour a beverage or two. The best parties can often be the ones arranged last minute. Enjoy dinner with your friends and make memories. They aren’t  there to judge you on your house or hosting skills. They’re there to spend time with you.