Top  Kids Party Themes

Gone are the days when the most entertainment at a kids birthday party was a simple game of ‘Pass the Parcel’. Nowadays, it’s all about having the perfect theme, giant jumping castles, clowns and professional face painters! When it comes down to it though, we all know that most kids are pretty happy with the chance to muck around with a few friends in the backyard, consume copious amounts of sugar, and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top of their lungs, while they blow out the candles on their homemade (or not quite so homemade!) cake.

So let’s take a look at ten of the trendiest children’s party themes right now! We’ve got everything covered from your over-the-top gala style parties, to a lovely ‘high tea’, a LEGO building party… and everything in between.

1. Frozen Party

The biggest trend in kids birthday parties this year, has of course been based on the mega-hit Disney movie, Frozen. Let your little ones unleash their inner Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven with a blue and white themed bash.  Trust me, you’ll be singing ‘Let It Go, Let it Goooo’ long after the candles are blown out.

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2. Superhero Party

What child (or adult for that matter!) doesn’t love an excuse to dress up as their favourite superhero for a few hours? Superhero parties are one theme that continue to become more and more popular.

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3. High Tea

While ‘High Tea’ was once reserved for grandmas and ‘ladies who lunch’, nowadays it’s all about letting your kiddies unleash their fancy side while sipping fruity punch and nibbling on finger sandwiches and scones with jam and cream. Oh how high class it all is!

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4. Rainbow Party

If you’re looking for a versatile party theme, then a Rainbow Party is for you! Bright and colourful invitations, decorations and food set the scene for a super fun party. To make it even more special, ask each child attending the party to come dressed in their favourite colour!

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5. Pirate Party

Arrr me hearties! A Pirate Party is full of sword-wielding and treasure-hunting fun. Everything from the cake to the games and the costumes can be tailored to be perfectly pirate-friendly. Your littlies will love following a treasure map to find the hidden treasure… a pirate ship birthday cake, of course!

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6. Cupcake Decorating Parties

As we all know, kids love to get into the kitchen and help out (especially when it involves licking the spoon!). Cupcake parties are a great chance for kids to make and decorate their own cupcakes that they can then eat or take home as a party favour. This is a budget-friendly party that will unleash your child’s creativity and imagination!

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7. Disco Party

As long as you’re not afraid of a little (ahem – a lot!) of noise for a few hours, disco parties are one of the easiest parties to organise. For something a little different, have each child RSVP with three of their favourite songs to be played during the party. Other than that, it’s just a matter of buying a few glow-sticks, having plenty of pop-tops and icy-poles on hand to keep everyone hydrated… oh and of course, teaching the littlies a few classic disco moves (lawn-mower anyone?).

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What is your favourite children’s party theme at the moment? Do you like to keep it simple or go all-out when organising a party?