Trying to pick a party theme for your son? We’ve pulled together four great boy’s party themes that we know your little one will love. We’ve covered some of our most frequently requested party ideas to help you plan the perfect party!

So let’s get started…

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

Have the Turtles ever really been out of fashion? They have been huge since we were in primary school, and with the release of the new movie, these heroes in half shells aren’t going away any time soon! So here’s some ideas for you…

We also love these ideas from One Creative Housewife. Decorating these paper lanterns are a quick and easy way of making your TMNT party look great! Throw in a Turtle piñata and you’re set!

2. Lego

Lego has been popular with both boys and girls since it was invented in 1949! It’s the number one party request we have here at Little Party Love- it never loses its shine! There are so many great and easy ideas you can use, just by combining red, yellow, blue and green.

These amazing Lego Movie party ideas are from Kara’s Party Ideas. You can view the full party over there. We LOVE the whole look and the use of Lego and the movie.


Crissy’s Crafts has put together this gorgeous Lego party table- the backdrop looks fantastic and is so easy to make. We love the covered boxes on the table and all the jelly!


3. Construction

Boys love a construction theme! There’s so much fun to be had with high vis work wear, diggers, and lots and lots of dirt! (or chocolate that looks like dirt!)


4. Dinosaur Party

Ah dinosaurs- don’t you love that the average three year old boy can barely string a sentence together but can name every dinosaur that ever existed? So if you have a dino mad little one at home.


We hope that these ideas help take the stress out of your party planning and give you some great ideas! If you have some other ideas make sure you tell us below!