Mister Maker Party Ideas

Do you have a budding artist in your family who just loves to get their art on? A Mister Maker party may just be the party for your little one.

Essentially, Mister Maker is all about getting crafty and using a lot of colour, so keep this in mind when organizing activities and food for the party.

When preparing the food table, think of paint tins or colourful buckets that can be filled with the same coloured candy to represent paint. Mister Maker uses key primary colours of yellow, red, blue and green.

Easels and paint palettes are another way of decorating the food table.

Shapes biscuits are an easy food to prepare. You can just buy store made biscuits and decorate with different coloured icing.


Mister Maker’s shapes cupcakes are very cute and easy to create.


The craft activities can be as messy as you want it. Painting or playdough will keep the kids amused.



A fun take on a lolly bag

Colourful noodle boxes filled with craft items are also another clever idea of taking the party home, much to a parent’s delight.

Would your little one like a Mister Maker Party?