When looking to organize savoury foods for a party, the simple meat pie and sausage roll is often what gets placed on the list. Providing food for a party can be expensive, so mass production of savoury dishes are a must to feed your guests. One savoury food that doesn’t get served enough at parties is bacon. Used in quiches or on mini BLT’s, bacon can be used in a variety of ways to offer a tasty food sensation for your guests. I’ve sourced Bacon party food ideas that you might like to consider serving at your next party. Alternatively, these can be created for a special morning or afternoon tea.

Bacon Roses are a new way to serve bacon to your guests. Lily the Wandering Gypsy shows you how to make these delicious blooms.

Bacon Tater Tot Bombs are an American version of bacon rolled around a potato gem. The full recipe can be found on Damn Delicious.

For the adults, a Bacon Bloody Mary will go down well. Novice Chef Blog shares how to make this cocktail.

Bacon, Whiskey, Caramel, Marshmallow Toffee by The Kurtz Corner sounds like it will be a tongue pleaser despite it’s name being a tongue teaser!

Chocolate and Bacon together? I’m willing to try it and I’m sure your guests will too. Cooking Classy shares how you can make these delectable bites.

The Cozy Apron combines a classic breakfast food into a cookie. Guests will love chomping on these.

Candied Bacon by Garnish with lemon sounds like a moreish food. Best make double batches of this for the guests (and yourself to snack on later!)


11. Bacon and Maple Syrup cupcakes by Ashlee Maree are mix of sweet and savoury in a cake form. There is nothing to hate about this recipe.

Which bacon recipe will you be making for your next get together?