Halloween is not a tradition for everyone and it certainly isn’t as big in Australia as it is overseas, but slowly stores and families are embracing the trend of all things ghoulish and scary. If you like to jump on board traditions at the last minute, why not check out these  Halloween party food ideas that are fast and easy to make. You may even scare yourself with how easy they are to put together. (Huh, did you get what I did there?)


Pinterest is full of easy Halloween party food ideas and our American brothers and sisters know a thing or two about creating a scary yet delightful dish everyone will eat and enjoy.

These white chocolate dipped strawberries topped with mini chocolate chips are simple and definitely look like ghosts, without the scare factor.


For a sweet take on spiders, Mommy Musings has a great recipe on how to make these peanut butter spider cookies. Reeses chocolate cups are hard to find in Australia, so use Rolo or Cadbury chocolate buttons instead.

Pretzel and cheese broomsticks are as easy as stripping a few cheese sticks, cutting them up and inserting a pretzel stick in each cheese bristle. The kids will love these.

Grab a few packs of your favourite lollies and chocolates and make your own chocolate bark. Draw dots on white chocolate buds for eyes and you have edible Halloweeen bark.

I was surprised how easy these Dracula’s dentures are to make. You could even buy the cookies and assemble with ready made frosting.

This food idea would be my favourite as it uses ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. Cut up bananas in half and insert chocolate buds to create ghosts. Mini pumpkins can be imitated by simply peeling some mandarins and poking a celery stalk in the middle. Fast and Easy and HEALTHY.