Holding a party is winter means the food needs to be warm, but if you’re looking for an alternative to sausage rolls and meat pies, why not have a fondue? Fondue is an easy dish to prepare as it’s simply making the dipping sauce and then cutting up the food items that need to be dipped. Fondue can be great for dinner parties or stand and eat style parties. We’ve sourced 8 sweet and savoury fondue party ideas that you could incorporate at your next celebration.


Let’s start with the savoury. Cheese fondue is the most common of savoury dishes. There are different variations on the classic cheese fondue that you can see below, but generally it consists of some different cheeses (parmesan, tasty, etc) mixed with wine and seasoning. This French Onion Cheese Fondue is a warm style of the French Onion Dip. Serve with torn up bread for a rustic and budget friendly look.

When thinking about the foods that can be dipped into the fondue, think vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. Chicken nuggets and tortellini are easy to skewer and make for a filling dish.

Swap the wine for beer and you have a different take on cheese fondue. Serve vegetables like asparagus that can simply be dipped as is into the fondue.

Every one loves pizza in winter… well anytime of the year, but this fondue is a deconstructed pizza. Have kabana, mushrooms, pineapple, tomato and salami cut up ready to be dunked into a well seasoned cheese fondue. A French loaf can be cut and used as a base on the skewer for a complete pizza taste experience.

Sweet fondues generally consist of chocolate. Create a delightful impact by hiring or purchasing a chocolate fondue fountain. This is great for kids, although supervision will be required to ensure little hands don’t cup their hands with chocolate! For a simple chocolate fondue recipe, melt chocolate with milk to make a creamy and runny consistency.

If you want to give your guests a different chocolate fondue experience, why not use a slow cooker to melt different chocolate buttons in jars. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and caramel chocolate can be melted in the jars.

A chocolate caramel fondue is easily compiled using caramels, chocolate chips and milk. It’s a richly sweet chocolate consistency and works well with bananas and strawberries.

This salted caramel fondue will not only make your party smell sweet, it will delight your guests. If you prefer it not to be salted, just remove the salt. Serve this fondue with apple, banana and pretzels for a sweet and savoury taste sensation.

For a fun decorating idea, why not paint the end of the skewers so that people know which skewer is their’s.


When was the last time you had fondue? Which one will you give a go at your next dinner party?