Easter is not too far away and already we have been invited to Easter parties where we have to bring plate to share.  Rather than go for the obvious hot cross buns or Easter Egg platter, why not get some inspiration from our sweet and savoury Easter party food ideas?

  • If colouring batter is not your thing, this simple cake is easy to create. Use Kit Kats to line around the cake and fill the top of the cake with Easter eggs. Be prepared for no leftovers.
  • For a simple treat for the kids, why not make these jello cream eggs? Simply using an egg mould and pour the gelatin mixture to set in the moulds. Scoop out the imaginary yolk part of the egg and pipe whipped cream into the hole.

These bunny butt cookies are easy to create using marshmallows and pink candy.

For a healthier sweet treat, why not add orange (or red and yellow) food colouring to melted white chocolate and dip strawberries in to the chocolate to create mini carrots.

For some savoury ideas, if you want something really easy and healthy, why not place carrot sticks and blanched broccoli on a platter in the shape of a carrot? Have a corn relish dip or ranch dressing on the side so the veggies can be dipped for a tasty snack.

  • Make your own dip using cream cheese and whatever flavouring of your choice. Shape the dip into a triangle and use parsley to create a carrot shape. Add Jatz and crackers around the dip for a fabulous platter display.



How many Easter parties do you have to attend this year? What’s your go to Easter party food to share?