Easter egg hunts are so much fun, watching your kids run around finding the eggs squealing with excitement as they add them to their baskets.

This year we had family stay and had 5 children all up in the egg hunt. I found that the older kids took off and found most of the eggs leaving the little ones with a couple in their basket and although the older kids shared, half of the excitement is finding the eggs yourself, so I have come up with plan for hopefully a perfect hunt next Easter.

  1. Use different coloured eggs for each child, hide envelopes around the yard and let the kids know they have to find the envelope with their name on it inside it will let them know the colour of their eggs they are to find. Once they have the colour they can go hunt the eggs.
  2. Hide a few prizes that are not chocolate related for example a new tooth brush for everyone with a little note from Easter bunny reminding them not to eat to much chocolate.
  3. Hide some eggs is harder places to find and scatter some out and around so that there are different levels of difficulty, for the older kids hide them well they will love trying to explore to find them.
  4. Add bunny foot prints and pieces of chewed up carrot near the eggs to make out the Easter bunny has been nearby.
  5. And lastly have fun, spread streamers, glitter anything you like around the yard the more magical the better!

What do you do at Easter?