Just before Easter, my family attended the most stylish shabby chic 1st Birthday that was such a pleasure to enjoy and celebrate. My friend has a Heritage style home and transferred some of her antique and shabby chic décor pieces outside to create a stunning party display. Here are 5 ways to style a shabby chic 1st Birthday Party, without overdoing it with the styling.


1. Flowers. Lots of flowers including birds breath – adorned in vases, around the birdcage and on the cupcakes, flowers are an inexpensive way to add a shabby chic vibe to the party tables.









2. Cupcakes. There is something quaint about cupcakes that make it an ideal way to celebrate a shabby chic party. Align the cupcakes on a tray representing the number being celebrated by the Birthday host.

3. Doilies. A simple white table cloth will offset doilies in different shades of beige and pink.

4. Brown paper plates and napkins. These contrast well with the white and beige table settings. It also ties in the hessian around the vases and layered as a table runner.

5. Lay out picnic rugs, a vintage style teepee, and barrel for decorative accents around the backyard where guests can congregate for conversation and eating.

Overall the styling was not only beautiful, but it added a romantic feel to the party, which was fitting since we were celebrating a little princess turning 1.
Have you ever attended a Shabby Chic styled event?