The whole idea of a cake smash party originated in the US but is fast becoming the hottest new trend on Aussie shores too! For those of you who are new to the whole cake smash thing, here’s the basic info you need to know…

A cake smash is usually done before a child’s first birthday party and the images are used on their birthday party invitations. However, more and more families are incorporating a fun cake smash into the actual first birthday celebrations. And why not! There’s something oh-so-cute about a gorgeous little child getting their hands, hair (and pretty much every other part of their body) covered in delicious cake.

If you’re planning a cake smash of your own, here’s a few things to consider:


Think about whether you would like to take the photos yourself or if you’d prefer a professional photographer to do it for you. If you’re doing a DIY job, then use a DSLR camera for super clean shots. Because of it’s increasing popularity, many professional photographers offer really reasonable rates for cake smash photos



There’s a few things to consider when making your cake smash cake. Firstly, you want a cake that can be easily ‘smashed’ (ie. crumbled, torn apart, thrown around!) by your little one. That being said, go for a soft textured cake, like a sponge or chocolate cake with buttercream icing. And steer clear of fondant… it’s way to hard to smash! Decorate the cake as elaborately as you like – remember it’s the feature of your photos (well after your cute kid that is!!). If you’re not a cake decorating whiz, then simply buy a pre-made sponge from the supermarket, cover it in a basic icing and decorate with sprinkles.

Image credit: Heidi Hope



If you’re hiring a professional photographer, then they will generally supply all of the cake smash props you’ll need. If you’re setting up your own cake smash, place a large sheet on the ground (yep, it going to get messy!). Cake smash props can be as elaborate or simple as you like. Go all out with an incredible theme or stick to a few basic decorations. Things like balloons, bunting and streamers are always very popular options.



The Clean Up!!!

Be prepared, a cake smash is going to get messy. Very messy! So plan ahead and make sure you’ve got plenty of wipes, cloths and rubbish bags on hand. Being in close proximity to a bath is probably not a bad idea either!

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And if that’s not enough super cuteness for you, be inspired by these gorgeous cake smashes!

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Cake smash parties… what do you think? Heaps of fun, or a major headache to clean up!? To be honest, I think I’m in a bit of both boats in this one!