We were very excited to have the opportunity to try out Cake 2 the Rescue’s new Father’s Day Cake! It arrived in the brand new box, that makes it easier to transport your freshly decorated cakes, and with everything we needed to create the perfect Father’s Day cake!



The kit contains the cake mix, icing mix, fondant, the cake toppers, colouring, fondant cutters, rolling pin and even a cake tin- in the form of the box it came in!



To make it all you do is add the fresh ingredients and mix the cake mix, pour it into the oven proof box and bake. When it’s ready just open the box and slice the top off to make the surface even.


Cut the cake in half, sticking it together with icing and cover in buttercream. Use the coloured fondant and the cutters and stencils to create the decorations. Then use the cake toppers to add the finishing touch and KEPOW!!!! You have the perfect Father’s Day cake for your Super Dad!


Cake 2 the Rescue takes the stress out of creating home made cakes. Everything you need comes boxed, straight to your door. To order your very own Super Dad cake visit www.cake2therescue.com.au