Top Tips For The Perfect Lolly Buffet

One of the best things we did at our wedding was to organise a lolly buffet. All of the guests loved it, it looked gorgeous and it meant that we didn’t have to worry about buying any guest favours!

If you’re planning on having a lolly buffet at your wedding, birthday or other special celebration, our top tips will ensure that it looks amazing… and tastes even better!

1.Choose a colour scheme – the best lolly buffets are those that have a consistent colour scheme. Choose two or three colours that match your decorations and stick with them.

2. Make little place cards– just because you know what each of the lollies in your buffet are, doesn’t mean that your guests do. Print off cute little place cards with the name of each lolly on it.

3. Buy lolly scoops and tongs – hit up your local discount store and buy a few lolly scoops and tongs. They’ll only cost a couple of dollars, but will keep any little hands out of the lollies – a very worthwhile investment!

4. Buy in bulk – go online or to your local discount lolly shop and buy in bulk. Trust me, you will need way more lollies than you think you will, so over order (and then you can enjoy the leftovers too!).

5. Hire vases or go op shopping – one of the best ways to serve your lollies is in a variety of vases or jars. These can be really expensive to buy, so ask your florist if you can hire them for the night or start searching through op shops for a bargain or two!

6. High and low – make sure your lolly buffet has vases that are tall, short, wide and skinny. This will add visual appeal and height to your lolly bar.

7. Take it even higher! – You want your lolly bar to really stand out, so pop a few heavy boxes on your lolly buffet table and cover with tablecloths. This will make it appear even bigger.

8.Give guests a personalised lolly bag to fill up as a party favour – move over sugared almonds, there’s a hot new party favour in town! Have some personalized lolly bags printed and ask your guests to fill a bag as they leave your celebration.

9.Tell people when to use the lolly buffet – you don’t want some people missing out on your lolly buffet while others gorge themselves throughout the whole night! Make sure your MC lets all of your guests know at the start of the reception when they can use the lolly buffet. Generally, at weddings, this will be after the speeches and first dance.

10. Pop it on your menu – if you have menus available for guests, include information about your lolly buffet on the menu. This will get your guests super excited!

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