Mum of five and homemaker extraordinaire Corrie from Retro Mummy shares her tips on how to create the perfect birthday cake using the Thermomix.

Righto, so you’ve got your Thermomix but you’re still working your way around it or maybe you haven’t got your favourite recipes converted. Or maybe you just buy packet mixes when it’s birthday cake time because the decorating alone is enough to worry about. I must admit that I still love using my KitchenAid for cakes and icing but have done a couple of butter cakes in the thermomix recently and knew it would make a great blog post. What am I saying, I’ve been making lots of cakes in the thermomix lately……………..


A good old fashioned butter cake that tastes like your mum used to make (or reminds you of parties when you were little or perhaps for some of my more mature readers you were the mum making the butter cake back in the day). This one is for you. Made from scratch and absolutely delicious. Not too heavy either.


Here is what you need for your birthday cakes. You will notice lots of home brand for this post. Retro daddy did the shop this week. King of the home brand and keeping the shopping bill down!


Oh I did buy the vanilla paste. That is not homebrand and actually comes from Williams-Sonoma and is just gorgeous and gives you those little black vanilla bits in your baking. About $11 and lasts for ages……… it’s a great reason to ‘have’ to pop out there.


Now if you’re making this without a thermomix then use caster sugar and icing sugar. The thermomix processes the raw sugar into caster sugar and also icing sugar which is why I just have the raw sugar bag there. It’s great for saving money and pantry space.


This recipe makes 2 cakes………………….if you’re after a fabulous chocolate cake in the thermomix then try my simple chocolate cake which is just delicious and lots of readers have been enjoying it lately.

Corrie is a mum of five kids under 10 and a lover of baking, sewing, knitting and crafting. She is the author of the hugely popular Retro Mummy blog so pop by for a visit!