Gone are the days when you could expect to leave a child’s birthday party with a lolly bag filled to the brim with Redskin’s, Milko’s and Sherbert Bomb’s. Nowadays, more and more parents are opting for lolly-free party bags for their little ones birthday party. If you’re looking for lolly-free party bag inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favourite lolly bag ideas below (and we promise that there’s not a lolly snake in sight!).



Everyone loves bubbles right!? Give your little guests a bubble wand and bubble mixture instead of a lolly bag.

Play Dough

Give each guest a small container of play dough to take home. You can also purchase a big bag of plastic shape cutters from your local $2 shop and give each child a couple of cutters to go with their dough. Click here to make your own play dough. 




If you’re throwing a Lego themed party, why not continue with the theme and give each of your child’s friends a small pack of Lego. Be warned though, the cost of Lego can add up pretty quickly, so this is best suited to a small birthday party with only a couple of guests!

Image credit: Chickabug 


Party Pack

Fill a bag with lots of fun party items! Think bouncy balls, yo-yos, party blowers and balloons.


The ‘Write’ Stuff!

Buy cheap little pencil cases and fill them with sparkly pens, textas, coloured pencils, fun animal erasers, notepads and more! You can pick all of these items up at your local $2 shop, making it an inexpensive (but also very useful!) party bag alternative.


Chalk & Board

For those who love to draw, pop some chalk and a mini blackboard into a bag for your guests. They can play with them during the party and then continue the fun at home!



For The Little Gardener

Why not pop some seedlings and a little pot plant into a box as a fun little alternative to a party bag. The kids can plant their seedlings when they get home and chat about how they’re growing. This is a gift that just keeps on giving!


Princess Pack

Are you throwing a Princess party? Give your guests a little tiara, cheap costume jewellery and hair ties in place of lollies.


Gross Out!

Freak out your little guests with some eeewy, gooey slime! Or perhaps buy a funky little science experiment pack that guests can use to make their own goo. Fun times! Why not make your own slime with this clever recipe?


So, if the idea of sending home bucket-loads of lollies totally freaks you out, fear not! These lolly-free party bag alternatives will be loved by all of your little guests… plus there won’t be a sore lolly tummy in sight!