Grey’s Anatomy is a popular medical series that has pumped out 12 seasons since it hit our TV screens in 2005.  If you know a nurse or doctor who is looking for something a little different to celebrate their Birthday or Graduation party, why not create a medical party with a Grey’s Anatomy theme? It can be as gory or contained as the host wants, but we’ve found some of the best Grey’s Anatomy Party ideas should you wish to celebrate as if you’re working at Seattle Grace Hospital.


The operating theatre and all things blood and medical are a great place to start when planning for this party theme. To really set the scene hang x-rays and medical room signs for a fun take on the theme. If you want to add a bit of fun to the party atmosphere, get guests to guess what is wrong with each x-ray. X-ray’s can be sourced from online.

  • Prepare a clean and clinical vibe by using clear utensils and red crosses. Syringes, testing cups and medical vials make great containers for serving food.
  • Serve candy like stuffed red licorice and call it clogged arteries or blue candy for bruised feet. Ice Oreos with white icing and place red fondant crosses on them to be Red Cross Oreos.
  • Serve jelly beans in medication cups. These can also be given as party favours.
  • Dip pretzel sticks into white chocolate and use an edible pen to draw a thermometer measurement.
  • Use medical equipment to dress the table to add a clinical touch to the party.

Cupcakes with anatomy on top may be a bit to visual for guests, but the surgeon or medical host would appreciate the attention to detail.

  • Marshmallows can be served as cotton balls.

This cake is perfect for fans of the show.

For a simple cake idea, use edible stickers to add a Grey’s Anatomy picture on top of the cake and decorate the outside of the cake with medical utensils.

If you’re not afraid of a bit of blood and guts, this operating theatre cake is just the right amount of gore.

Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? Would you have medical themed party?