The Ultimate Christmas Menu Guide

Trying to plan your Christmas Lunch menu can be hard, especially when you are trying to cater to the tastebuds of a large group of people. We’ve taken some of the hard work out it for you, with a collection of 18 great Christmas Lunch or Dinner recipes. Simply mix and match from our list of Appetisers, Mains, Sides and Desserts to create a Christmas Menu your family will love.


Made from Goats Cheese and Chilli Jam, these Festive Savoury Tartlets are a great way to give your family a taste of what’s to come!

These Candied Tomatoes on Basil are a deceptively simple and delicious way to kick off your Christmas celebrations.


Sometimes you just can’t be the classics, like this Traditional Roast Chicken, Glazed Baked Ham or Maple Glazed Turkey.

If you are looking for an alternative to Turkey and Ham this Christmas, why not try this Beef Fillet with Horseradish and Prosciutto.

It would be perfect served with either traditional side dishes of steamed and roasted vegetables, or try pairing it with a light salad.


This Honey Mint Glazed Lamb is another great alternative to Turkey or Pork.




No matter what your serving at your Christmas Day celebrations, a side of these Perfect Roasted Potatoes is guaranteed to complement any meal.

A light and delicious salad like this Christmas Coleslaw is a great alternative to traditional hot sides.

Why not try a warm side salad this year? This Warm Roasted Pumpkin and Potato Salad is sure to be popular.

These Green Beans with Pancetta look so good I could eat them all on their own!


If you are after an adult only dessert, these Boozy Chocolate Bombes are certainly for you!

Not sure what to do with the Panettone you’ve been given? We’ve got the solution – turn it into a Tiramisu Christmas Cake!

Topped with beautiful cherries, this Christmas Cheesecake is a great way to finish any meal.

We couldn’t not include a traditional Christmas dessert, and we thin
k you will be very impressed with this Ultimate Christmas Pudding recipe.

So there you have it, 18 great Christmas recipes you can mix and match to help you create the perfect Christmas Lunch or Dinner.

We’d love to hear from you, what are your favourite Christmas Lunch recipes?