Today we have 5 boys party ideas for under $100!

1. Dinosaur party


You can have so much fun with dinosaur decorations! Get some calico and paint dinosaur footprints on it to use as a tablecloth. Bunch together brown, green and orange balloons for an earthy feel and make bunting from dinosaurs cut out of coloured paper. Just buy a cheap dinosaur colouring book and trace the dinosaurs onto brown, green and orange paper and stick string across the back.

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Make Pterodactyl nests by mixing melted chocolate with shredded coconut. Shape into nests and refrigerate. Add peanut M&Ms or chocolate eggs to the nest for instant fun!

Fill plastic cups with jelly and when half way set, drop a dinosaur lolly in. The kids will love digging them out.

Cups filled with veggie sticks make a great Herbivore’s garden and watermelon slices can be stegosaurus spikes.

Ice cupcakes with green icing and top with mini dinosaurs or dinosaur lollies. You can get big bags of dinosaurs at Kmart or your local bargain store.

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Fill a shell pool with sand and bury lots of little dinosaurs. Digging for dinos will keep them entertained for hours!

Hard boil some eggs and give them some markers to create their own dinosaur eggs!

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2. Truck Party


Get out your hi vis colours for a truck party! The decorations are all about orange and yellow for this theme. Print out some road signs, cut them out and stick them up. Yellow and orange balloons and streamers work well and your little boy’s truck collection can earn its keep- looking great on the table filled with food.


We can really have some fun with this. Chocolate covered doughnuts become spare tyres; cover milk coffee biscuits with chocolate icing and add a red, orange and green Smartie and you have traffic light biscuits; ice cupcakes and cover with chocolate biscuit crumbs to look like dirt; fill your trucks with chips or popcorn and serve up meat pies and sausage rolls.

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Collect cardboard boxes and have the kids create their own trucks. They can paint them, add wheels and play games wearing them once they are done. You could even build an obstacle course they have to navigate.

Get a pile of play dough and some mini trucks and let them build mountains and drive their trucks everywhere.

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The decorations for a Lego party are definitely primary colours! Lots of red, blue and yellow and throw in some green too. You can download the Lego font to create your own signs. Make Lego bunting by buying sheets of paper and sticking six circles on them to look like Lego pieces then string them up like bunting. Use a red or yellow tablecloth and red, yellow, green and blue balloons.

You can also use Lego to build containers to hold knives and forks etc.

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You can make lots of things look like Lego bricks. Ice milk coffee biscuits in different colours and add six coordinating M&Ms to look like Lego blocks. Cut sandwiches into rectangles with extra bread dots on top and fill bowls with red, yellow, blue and green M&Ms.

Cut cheese slices in the shape of Lego men heads and serve on crackers or build Lego food cups and fill with fruit in matching colours.


Have a Lego building competition or pin the hat on the Lego man. Colour in a Lego character or fill a jar with Lego bricks and have a guessing game!

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4. Sports Party


Use sports trophies and balls from around the house to dress up your table. You can cut out footballs from brown paper and string them up as bunting and put a chalkboard up, drawn up like a scoreboard.

You can use white balloons drawn up as soccer balls and make food labels shaped as balls.


Serve up meat pies, sausage rolls and hot dogs for a genuine sporting experience. You could set up part of the table like the cart at a football stadium- with ice creams, chocolate and drinks to keep your sports stars happy!

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Sports mad kids need games to occupy them! Play traditional playground games like Kanga Cricket, Bin Ball, T Ball and Frisbee. You could even make up some trophies or ribbons to award to the winners.

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5. Surfing Party


Get into a beach mood with blue, green and orange decorations. Buy paper lanterns from your local bargain shop to string up and make some colourful flag bunting. Use the family surfboards for backdrop at the table and use a blue or orange tablecloth for a genuine beach feel.

Via Kara’s Party Ideas


Beach food is fun! Ice cupcakes with blue icing and cut out shark fins from grey card or fondant to place on top. Put lolly fish in cups of blue jelly and serve ice cream in small baking cups with wooden spoons. These can all be found in sets at most bargain shops.

Put gumballs in a jar and label them ‘beach balls’; lolly worms can be ‘bait’. Cut sandwiches in the shape of surfboards and serve lots of fresh, tropical fruit.

Via Kara’s Party Ideas


If you cant actually take your guests surfing or swimming then how about water games in an inflatable pool? They can play with water bombs, have water balloon races, and you can even set up a water slide.

Find an old surfboard, paint it white and have the kids decorate it for the birthday boy. They will have a lot of fun and it’s a nice keepsake.

Do you have any other great ideas to save money? Let us know below!