Bec from At Penny Lane shares with us some top DIY tips for styling a party (without spending a fortune)
When I was growing up our parties were usually thrown together with a special cake from the Women’s Weekly kids cookbook, some $2 party hats, bundles of streamers, a pin the tail on the donkey poster and a room full of balloons we spent hours blowing up. Simple, cheap and a whole lot of fun! These days there seems to be a designer party trend taking hold and long gone are the easy days of a simple backyard bash.  There are however many awesome little DIY tricks and crafty projects you can do to add something a little different without spending a truckload or hiring in a pro.
Here are a few of my favourites –
{most under $10}
1. Birthday numbers created from photos. Chronicle your special ones life with a bunch of pictures. {Approx $5}
2. Cupcake toppers. Pick up some washi tape or patterned cardboard and cut out some little flag shapes and secure them to a tooth pick. {Approx $5-$10}
3. Confetti filled balloons. Fill balloons with some confetti, glitter and any small objects prior to blowing them up and you have yourself some awesome balloons. Light balloon colours work the best. {Approx $5-$10}
4. Tissue paper pom poms. Create your own or pick some up online here or here or check out eBay. {Approx $5 for one or much cheaper to make yourself}
5. Bunting. These come in many shapes and sizes and can be made from fabric, cardboard, and paper. If you have a bit more time to sew up a fabric one, here is a sewing tutorial or one that requires no sewing. If you would prefer to skip the sewing and use paper or cardboard instead you can put something together in no time. Check out my pink glitter bunting below. {Approx $5-$10}
6. Cake pops. These taste great and are great for kids parties. Here is a recipe to whip up your own and many department stores now sell cake pop makers if you think you might make a habit of them.{Approx $15-$40}
7. A party photo booth. Grab a large piece of fabric, or a sheet will do if you don’t want anything fancy, and create a photo booth back drop for party guests. Put together a box of dress ups and party props or make up some of these free printables for some happy snaps. {Approx $5-$30 depending on fabric choice}
8. Cupcake bunting. Similar to number 2. Use some washi tape, fabric or paper and some skewers to make a little cake bunting. {Approx $5-$10}
9. Tissue paper garland. I love these, a modern streamer style decoration. Here is a great tutorial to make your own. {Approx $5-$10}
10. Two tone balloons. Grab some acrylic paint and paint sections of your balloons. Do a test on painting the balloon before you blow it up and after it’s blown up. Some paint might crack if it’s too dry when the balloon is blown up. Check out some more pics here. {Approx $5-$10}
Here are a few images from my daughters recent 2nd birthday. I just wanted to have a simple party with a few special touches.
I simply cut hearts out from glitter cardboard and glued them to toothpicks.
For her birthday banner i cut out squares from some cardboard and them found a font online that i liked and drew the letter onto the glitter card (you could trace the letters if you wish) and then cut and glued them on. (Make sure that you cut the letters out the reverse way if you are using the bad side of the card or your letters will be back the front). I then hole punched the top and threaded some twine through the letters.
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