Baby showers are the perfect way to honour a mum-to-be and of course, no baby shower would be complete without a few fun games!


Baby Food Game – we hope you’ve brought your appetite! Simply place different flavoured baby food into unlabelled jars and see who can correctly guess the flavours.

Celebrity Baby Name Match Up – we all love oohing and ahhing over our favourite celebs babies. Match up the celebrities with their cute bubs!


Everything Baby from A to Z – play this game and see if any of your guests can fill in all the letters with baby related words… it’s hard! To make it even tricker, include a time limit.

Blind-folded nappy changing – split your guests into teams and see who can change a nappy the quickest… while blind-folded!


Spit the dummy – give each guest a plastic dummy and have them line up next to one another. On the count of 3, each guest spits their dummy as far as they can. The person whose dummy lands the furthest away is the winner!

Don’t Say Baby – when each guest arrives at the baby shower, give them a cute baby nappy pin necklace. Throughout the baby shower, if a guest is heard saying the word ‘baby’, they will have their necklace taken off them by the person who caught them. The guest with the most necklaces at the end of the party is the winner!


Guess the size of the baby bump – give each guest a roll of toilet paper or a length of string and see who can guess the correct size of the mum-to-be’s baby bump!


Guess the baby photo – ask each guest to bring along a photo of themselves as a baby and secretly place it into a bowl. It is then up to the mum-to-be to guess which baby photo belongs to each of her guests.


Wishes for the new baby – before everyone leaves the party, ask your guests to fill in a ‘Wishes’ sheet. This is a lovely, sentimental gift that the mum-to-be will cherish!


What are your favourite baby shower games?