Throw your little one a party to remember with these super fun indoor party games!

1. Pin the tail on the donkey

For a classic party favourite, draw a picture of a donkey on a large piece of cardboard and stick it onto a wall. Make 1 ‘tail’ per person out of paper and blue-tack. Blindfold each guest, one at a time, and ask them to pin the ‘tail’ onto the donkey. The person whose tail is the closest to the correct spot is the winner!

2. Pass the parcel

Wrap a small present in coloured paper and then wrap layer after layer of newspaper over the top. Have the children sit in a circle and pass the parcel around while music is playing. When the music stops, the child with the parcel removes a layer. The game continues until you get to the coloured paper layer and the person who is holding the parcel when the music stops gets to open the present. You may also like to place a small present in between each of the individual layers.

3. Celebrity heads

This is a great game to play with primary school aged children. Have 3 of your guests sit on chairs at the front of the room. Place a headband onto their head without them seeing the name of a celebrity attached to the front. The children take turns to guess who their celebrity is by asking ‘yes/no’ questions. The first person to guess the correct answer is the winner. Make sure you choose well known celebrities that all of the guests will know.

4. Musical chairs

Count the number of party guests you have. Place chairs in a circle (1 less than the total number of guests). Play music while the guests walk around the room. When the music stops, the children race to sit on a chair. The guest that doesn’t have a chair is out. Remove one more chair each time. Continue playing until there is only 1 chair remaining.

5. Sleepy lions

This game is also known as dead rats! When the party is coming to a close and you’re wanting to wind things down, it’s time to play a game of sleepy lions. Each child lays as still as possible. Anyone who moves or talks is out. The final person remaining wins the game.

6. Musical statues

Play music while the children dance around the room. When the music stops, everyone must freeze. The last person to freeze is out. Repeat until only one child remains.

7. Duck, Duck, Goose!

The children sit in a circle (you’ll need a big room for this game!). One child walks around the outside of the circle tapping each child on the head and saying ‘duck, duck, duck, duck, gooose!’. The child who is tapped as the goose has to chase the first child around the outside of the circle and try to tag them. The first child has to try and race around the circle and sit down in the second childs empty spot. If the first child is tagged, they continue to do the tapping, but if they make it safely to the empty spot, the second child becomes the tapper.

8. Treasure hunt

Set up a treasure hunt in your house complete with instructions and a treasure map. Give clues along the way and hide a ‘treasure chest’ at the end, full of goodies and treats!

9. Hot Potato!

Each child finds a spot in the room to stand. They pass a soft beanbag or ball quickly between each of the guests while the music is playing. Whoever is holding the beanbag when the music stops is out. Continue playing until only 1 guest remains standing.

10. Simon Says

Choose one guest to be ‘Simon’. ‘Simon’ instructs the others to do different activities by either saying ‘Simon says put your finger on your nose’ or simply ‘put your finger on your nose’. Whenever they use the words ‘Simon says’ in their instructions, the guests must do as asked. However, if the words ‘Simon says’ are not spoken, the guests should not follow the action. Any guest who follows the action when the words ‘Simon says’ have not been spoken is out. Continue playing until only 1 child is remaining and then swap the role of ‘Simon’ to the winner.